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Get Your Child Vaccinated Or We Will Lock You Up, Maryland, USA

November 17th, 2022 by admin


Parents of children who go to Prince George’s County (school) are to appear at a special court hearing. Their choices are stark, either have their child (children) vaccinated there and then or face imprisonment or fines. This county still had 2,300 kids who had not been vaccinated and drastic measures have been put into force to make sure they are.

Rarely have such drastic measures been taken in America to make sure children get their vaccinations.

According to school officials and prosecutors, parents have had plenty of warnings over the last twelve months. They stressed that this drive is aimed solely at protecting children, and not locking up parents.

John White, representing the local school system, said “How can you in good conscience allow your child to miss school and their education for no particular reason?”

A temporary clinic is being set up adjacent to the courthouse, where the children can receive their shots. Parents will, however, have an opportunity to put their case forward before a judge if they want exemptions for their children - these can be granted for religious or medical reasons.

Fines and jail terms could be handed out for those who do not comply and did not offer the judge a valid excuse (and still did not comply). Fines may amount to up to fifty dollars each day. The parents would be prosecuted under truancy laws.

Authorities have told parents they cannot just sit on the fence. Their choices are clear׃

1. Get an exemption
2. Get your kid(s) vaccinated
3. Face jail or fines

Many are concerned that under such menacing pressure parents cannot make an informed decision. Apparently, even the judge did not seem too keen on bringing loads of parents into court under these circumstances

Some parents have reacted to this threat. One week ago there were 2,300 children listed as not having received their shots - the number now stands at 1,100.

Written by - Christian Nordqvist
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